Signature Swedish Massage
Help remove muscle tension, improve the immune system and stimulate blood circulation leaving the body relaxed and rested.
30 / 60 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage
Sore and tired muscle become revived and energized by using deeper pressure and pressure points techniques.
35 / 75 minutes

A unique blend of aromatic essential oil and herbs are tools of healing combined with the enormous therapeutic benefits of a massage, designed to nurture your body, mind and spirit.
30 / 60 minutes


Enjoy the healing power of natural organic ingredients like yoghurt to rejuvenate, honey, virgin olive oil soothe and moisturize, lemon reduce hyper-pigmentation, oatmeal, raw brown sugar are mild exfoliator and brightens our skin by cleansing it of dead skin cells and revealing fresh new skin underneath.
60 minutes

Body Scrubs

Enjoy our signature raw ingredients, like orange, lemon, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, from around the country to help circulation of metabolism, remove dead skin cells from the body while exposing a supple layer of younger silky skin. The skin of our body has texture just as the face does, body care treatment improve skin texture and elasticity.
60 minutes

Enjoy a Belizean massage with our home grown products and a touch of Belizean hospitality within the shade of our trees.

  • Speed Mani................15 mins
  • Speed Pedi..................15 mins
  • Foot massage.............15 mins
  • Back massage.............15 mins
  • Full body massage.....60 mins
  • Polish
  • Aloe treatment for sunburn

All services come with a natural juice and a spritzer.

"You can't buy happiness. But you can buy a massage and that's kind of the same thing."